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split 7inch with NEW MORALITY - COLOR VINYL !

NEW MORALITY are from The Netherlands and formed late 2004 by a bunch of friends with the same hardcore mindset: pure anarchy. In the past years, they've self released a demo, compilations, an MCD, a split 7" and a Full Length, played various shows all over Europe and the band pretty much booked all of those shows by themselves. NEW MORALITY combine the heaviness of New York's Breakdown with the hardcore soul of Crown of Thornz, but somehow always stuck to their musical roots and kept that punk attitude in their sound.

DEAL WITH IT create a burst of hugely aggressive nihilism and contempt, taking a leaf from such bands as Cro-Mags, Judge and No Warning, but creating a sound all of their own which bleeds with malice and negative intentions.
They have toured with the likes of Terror, Down to Nothing, Outbreak, Cold World and Blacklisted, as well as a headlining European tour under their belt.

Available on COLOR VINYL !

7 INCH - € 5.00

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