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Music » Dead beyond buried » Condemned To Misery CD Ltd. Slipcase Edition

Condemned To Misery CD Ltd. Slipcase Edition
Dead Beyond Buried were formed in Essex during 1996 and had gigged with bands like Stampin Ground and Enmity at the time.
The band went on to release Condemnded To Misery via SOAR and recieved major magazine press and a string of excellent reviews, a 9/10 in Metal Hammer and more in Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance etc.
DBB had their fist UK tour with Zyklon and Blood Tsunami and have also toured with Dark Funeral and Endstille.
DBB opened the stage for Obituary at the underworld for the one off release show for Obituary's new album 'The Executioners Return'
DBB are an old school death metal band that are only just getting started, they believe honesty and integrity are the most important factors in death metal and have worked hard for 10 years to build a stance where they are respected in the underground and beginning to see recognition on the large scale. DBB do not support the use of triggered drums or buy on tours. DBB maintain an old school mentality to metal. Friends of DBB include Dawn Of Chaos, Man Must Die, Zyklon, Blood Tsunami, Ingested, Reth, Adastreia, Retrofin, Dam, Infected Disarry, Detrimentum, Theoktony, Corpsing, Ted Maul, Crepitation, Nailed, Trigger The Bloodshed, Cerebral Bore and more.
Influences are Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Keep Of Kalessin, Dying Fetus  and Suffocation.
Tracklisting :
1 Bow Down Or Die
2 Condemned To Misery
3 The Aura Of I
4 Until Black Death
5 Dissolution
6 Organic Dementia
7 God Is Dead
8 Spear Of Longinus
9 Innocence Erased
10 Life Slowly Tortured
11 Rape Your Kingdom
12 Dead
13 Skinned And Bled

CD - € 12.00

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