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Live at the Ritz Lp !

D.R.I. at the top of their game, a must for fans !!

Beer City Records is proud to officially release D.R.I. 'Live At The Ritz' on LP and CD for the first time ever.  This is a legendary, professionally recorded show D.R.I. did on their "Crossover" tour back on June 27th, 1987, at the Ritz in New York.  Not only was this professionally recorded, but the sound was also restored and remastered by Shawn Franklin of TDX for this release.

1.  The Five Year Plan 
2.  Redline 
3.  The Explorer 
4.  Karma 
5.  Soup Kitchen 
6.  Mad Man 
7.  Couch Slouch 
8.  Fun And Games 
9.  Yes Ma'am     
10.  Reagonomics 
11.  Commuter Man (CD only bonus track) 
12.  Tear It Down (CD only bonus track) 
13.  No Religion (CD only bonus track) 
14.  Probation  15.  Oblivion (CD only bonus track) 
16.  Go Die 
17.  Argument Then War 
18.  Nursing Home Blues 
Sound has been improved, the below video is just for illustration :

LP - € 19.99

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