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Forked Road Lp - Color Vinyl !

 Melbourne, Australia's Crowned Kings present 12 tracks of heavy, in-your-face hardcore with a '90s NYHC vibe, taking cues from bands like Merauder, Madball and even Terror on this full-length.   

Locally, they've been active since 2010, garnering a strong local following by playing with bands like Mindsnare, Deez Nuts, Miles Away and many more.

Ltd. (100) Red / Black split Vinyl, comes w/ digital download !

1.     Aim For The Top
2.     Rage Inside
3.     Ego Trip
4.     Forked Road
5.     Judged
6.     Rule This World
7.     Enemy
8.     Deadbeat
9.     Slave To The Cash
10.     The Reaper
11.     Never Give Up
12.     Sold My Soul

LP - € 14.00

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