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s/t FULL CD - H8000 !

Crossed the line was formed in winter 2006. After the end of bands like Retaliate and Die... My Demon some of the members decided to put their heads together and start with a new project. C.T.L. was born. After a few rehearsals they went to studio CCR to record 2 promo tracks, Stories of the past & Dying inside. The songs were released on a promo cd.
C.T.L. play a NYHC style with some metal influences. Fans of bands like Madball, Blood for blood, Everybody gets hurt, Terror, etc. will definitely like this one.
The band started playing shows in march 2007. From that moment they played a lot of shows all over europe. in March 2008 C.T.L. went back to the studio to record some new tracks, after a little while the band released their debut 6 track MCD called "Through the dark of futures past". (still available here !)

2009 started with a new line up. Bassplayer Koen left the band for personal reasons. After a little while CTL hooked up ~50~ to play the bass. The band also decided to look for a second guitar player and they found Tim. At the end of 2009 CTL sign with the German label R.P.H.C. records and goes back to the studio to record a new album. 2010 took off and the recordings were finished. 

This CD contains 9 brutal hardcore tracks for fans of Hatebreed, Terror and Biohazard!

CD - € 12.00

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