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The Dead EP - CD

I like this one a lot, very different ! 

CRIMSON FALLS say about their new CD :

The Dead E.P. is a brand new concept-cd, built around the songs ‘In Flanders Fields’ & ‘We Are The Dead’, the theme of the First World War and the battle for freedom.

As two of the four songs on this E.P. were already featured on our previous full cd, we don’t consider this E.P. as our ‘real’ new release. That honour goes to our second full cd, to be release in 2009.

This E.P. is just a project we wanted to do for ourselves and by ourselves, DIY, as we found the lyrical content very striking and thought this was nice opportunity to do something special with these songs.

THE DEAD E.P. contains 4 songs;
1. In Flanders Fields (taken from ‘The True Face Of Human Nature’)
2. We Are The Dead (taken from ‘The True Face Of Human Nature’)
3. In Vlaanderens Velden (previously unreleased)
4. Cordoba (previously unreleased)

CD - € 7.00

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