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Split 7inch w/ COLDSNAP - LTD !!


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I was kind of looking forward to this split for quite a while now, mostly because the Cornered demo was the coolest demo of this year and the songs on the Cold Snap Myspace site sounded pretty good too. Let see how this split 7” has turned out.

For the people who aren’t familiar with both bands here is a small introduction. Cornered are from the Netherlands and are mostly known for their good head start when they started the band, their very moshable music and their nut case singer who often runs into trouble. Music wise think One Life Crew meets Madball and a touch of Carry On and No Warning for the modern influences.

Cold Snap is a band from the UK and contains at least one member of Dirty Money. The main difference between these two bands is that Dirty Money is a tad faster and Cold Snap is a tad heavier.

On this split Cornered delivers two or three songs, depends on how you count them. The first one is My Reply/Step Forward and it actually sounds better than the demo songs. The next one is FWP and has got some pretty rough lyrics which made me smile and are great to sing a long with.

Cold Snap delivers two songs; most noticeable is the song Twilight Of The Gods which is really leading and powerful but Unforgiven Sin has the better lyrics. The artwork is a basic black and white drawing but it looks pretty good and bit dark which matches the feeling of the record.

I was full expectation about this record and all my expectation where fully fulfilled. Anyone who liked the Cornered demo or the Cold Snap record should pick this up and everyone else should pick this record up also because it simply is damn excellent.

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7 INCH - € 5.00

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