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Thousands of Miles Between Us 3 x Blu-Ray

'Thousands of Miles Between Us' from Converge is the sequel to their landmark 2003 DVD release 'The Long Road Home'.  

Blu-ray Disc 1 :
A full 20-song Converge set from their Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA) stop on their "All We Love We Leave Behind" tour.  Filmed with multiple camera angles and edited by Jimmy Hubbard (Guitar World, Vice).  The live audio was mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City and mastered by engineer Alan Douches at West West Side (Motorhead, The Dillinger Escape Plan). 
Presented in both 5:1 Surround Sound (exclusive to the Blu-ray) and Stereo configurations for the ultimate chaotic live experience.  An HD-Digital Download (in Stereo) of this set is also provided in this edition.
Blu-ray Discs 2 & 3 :
Collectively over 15 hours of live, rare, and previously unseen footage spanning over a decade in the life of Converge. 
Chronologically presented over two Blu-ray discs, this collection features international live performances, interviews, features, music videos, covers, and much more.
A must !

Tracklist :
Live In Philadelphia, PA November 2012   
1-1        Concubine
1-2        Dark Horse
1-3        Heartless
1-4        Aimless Arrow
1-5        Trespasses
1-6        Bitter And Then Some
1-7        All We Love We Leave Behind
1-8        Sadness Comes Home
1-9        My Unsaid Everything
1-10        Glacial Pace
1-11        Cutter
1-12        Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
1-13        Tender Abuse
1-14        On My Shield
1-15        Axe To Fall
1-16        Empty On The Inside
1-17        Eagles Become Vultures
1-18        The Broken Vow
1-19        You Fail Me
1-20        The Saddest Day
2-1        Concubine/Fault & Fracture
Film Director [Directed By] – Zach Merck
2-2        Short "Megalomaniacs Z" Interview (June 2002)
2-3        Live In Tokyo, Japan (June 2002)
2-4        Jane Doe CD Wall
Film Director [Directed By] – Jack Gundersen
2-5        Live In Baltimore, MD (June 2002)
2-6        Long "Megalomaniacs Z" Interview (June 2002)
2-7        Live At "Beast Fest" Night 1, Tokyo, Japan (December 2002)
2-8        Live At "Beast Fest" Night 2, Tokyo, Japan (December 2002)
2-9        Live In Paris, France & Interview (January 2004)
2-10        "Hateverge" Live In Los Angeles, CA (February 2004)
2-11        In Her Shadow
Film Director [Directed By] – J. Bannon*, Ryan Zunkley
2-12        Live At HellFest, Elizabeth, NJ (July 2004)
2-13        Eagles Become Vultures
Film Director [Directed By] – Zach Merck
2-14        Hanging Moon
Film Editor [Edited By] – Jeffrey Hebner
2-15        Live In Vancouver B.C. Canada (September 2005)
2-16        Live In Los Angeles, CA (September 2006)
2-17        No Heroes
Film Director [Directed By] – Ryan Zunkley
2-18        Live In Birmingham, AL (November 2006)
2-19        Bare My Teeth
Film Director [Directed By] – Jeffrey Hebner
2-20        Live In Sendai, Japan (March 2007)
2-21        Live In Melbourne, Australia (March 2007)
2-22        Live In Paris, France (July 2008)
2-23        Wretched World
Film Editor [Edited By] – Will Johnson (8)
2-24        Live In Tokyo, Japan At O East (December 2009)
2-25        Live In Nagoya, Japan (December 2009)
2-26        Live In Tokyo, Japan (Deathwish Showcase) (December 2009)
3-1        Axe To Fall
Film Director [Directed By] – Craig Murray (2)
3-2        Live In Nurnburg, Germany (July 2010)
3-3        Live At "Brutal Assault" Festival In The Czech Republic (August 2010)
3-4        Live At "Hellfest", Clisson France (June 2011)
3-5        Live In Montreal, QC, Canada (April 2012)
3-6        Live At "FYF" Festival, Los Angeles, CA (September 2012)
3-7        Aimless Arrow
Film Director [Directed By] – Max Moore Films
3-8        Live In Boston, MA (November 2012)
3-9        Live In Orleans, France (December 2012)
3-10        Precipice / All We Love We Leave Behind
Film Director [Directed By] – Craig Murray (2)
3-11        Live In Tokyo, Japan (February 2013)
3-12        The Making Of Jane Doe, Lecture At Berklee College Of Music (December)
3-13        Live At "This is Hardcore" Festival, Philadelphia, PA (July 2014)

DVD - € 24.00

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