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Revenants CD

Sacramento, CA's CONDUCTING FROM THE GRAVE unleash "Revenants" on the unsuspecting masses, an amalgamation of hardcore fury and metal crunch and technicality.

They have been hard at work touring alongside Suicide Silence, Dying Fetus, Carnifex, Arsis, Miss May I and more.


1. And Our War Will Dawn
2. The Tyrant's Throne
3. Unholiest Of Nightmares
4. Her Poisoned Tongues
5. Path Of A Traitor
6. Nevermore
7. We Who Shall Conquer
8. Curse In The Twilight
9. Revenants
10. What Monsters We Have Become (Pt. One)
11. What Monsters We Have Become (Pt. Two)

CD - € 14.00

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