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The Order That Shall Be

CONDOLENCIA was formed in the summer of 1999, with the primary goal to promote a totally cruelty free and and drug free lifestyle, the vegan straight edge. In the beginning the band had this line-up: Ronaldo (V), Fausto (D) Wiliam (G) and Adalba (B). The first demo was entitled "As tradições são como uma venda sobre nossos olhos" ("Traditions are like a blindfold on our eyes") and it had three songs and it was released in mid´s 2000.

By that time, the influence of european vegan straight edge bands were very clear in the sound. On the second demo, with five songs, entitled "Talvez seria isso que sentiríamos" ("Maybe that´s how we would feel"), with a more technical sound, with different influences, mixing metal and mosh, the band featured its heaviness with even more sharp lyrics on veganism. In May of 2002, after playing many shows , the singer Ronaldo decided to leave the band for his own personal reasons, and made his last appeareance in a benefit show for the Frente de Defesa Dos Animais (Animal Defense Front). After he left, the band stopped a while in the search for a good replacement. After some frustrated attempts, our bassist Adalba decided to sing and since it worked out pefectly the band started to look for a bass player and the chosen one was Lauro. With this new line-up, the sound changed a little bit too, sounding heavier and with more mosh parts. Condolencia recorded a new demo entitled "Animal Liberation" with three songs, introducing the new team. During the this time many important events were played and many important acts were shared the stage: Heaven Shall Burn, Purification, Maroon, Nueva Etica, Point Of no Return, Children Of Gaia, Live By The Fist amongst many others. The most crucial moment for Condolencia was the release of the compilation "Voices 2" for Liberation Records, with three other hardore acts from Brazil. After that release, the band was offered to release the mini-cd "The Order That Shall Be" for the european label Storm Of Justice, and features the 4 songs on "Voices 2" compilation plus 1 unreleased song. Condolencia is currently playing shows to promote the releases, and also preparing new songs,but still the most important is to provide people with as much information as possible on topics such as veganism, straight edge, earth environment, people´s right and many other imprtant subjects that are discussed both in the live acts and in the simple and straight lyrics. Cruelty-free and drug-free lifestyle. Help save lives... GO VEGAN!!!

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