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Music » Concrete (nyc) » Everything Ends Now CD - New, NYHC !!

Everything Ends Now CD - New, NYHC !!

 After a successful CD titled 'No Dawn' (still available), which had a more metallic sound than before, New York's CONCRETE went back in the studio to record their most heavy and raw album to date, 'Everything Ends Now'.

From Albany, New York.   For fans of metallic-style hardcore such as Meth Mouth,  Stigmata and Merauder !

1.     Pure Strength
2.     No Sacrifice
3.     False Master
4.     Mortality
5.     Exile
6.     Gomorrah
7.     On Thin Ice
8.     Slave To None
9.     Unrivaled Hatred

CD - € 12.99

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