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Music » Comin' correct » One Scene Unity CD Full Length Debut !

One Scene Unity CD Full Length Debut !

RARE ORIGINAL CD FROM 1998 - Last Copies !!

Comin' Correct is Rick Ta Life's other band, going for a more 'NYHC Street' approach, less metal than 25 Ta Life.
This is their Debut Full Length and this is the RARE European pressing of it, 
on Good Life Recordings !
Fun Fact : the American pressing of this record (on Triple Crown Records) has a different fist on the cover. This is MY fist, I had to put it on the scanner for about 20 minutes straight to get the desired result. - Ed Goodlife
Tracklisting :
1. Hardcore pride
2. Back to basics
3. My family
4. Bringin' about a change
5. Open your mind
6. All moves disguised
7. One scene unity
8. Gain ground, take it back
9. Wake up and live
10. DIY stay true
11. Commin' correct
12. Crucified
13. 1996 brotherhood sisterhood back
14. Stick to it
15. Individuality
16. Join the fight
17. Inside knowledge


CD - € 12.00

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