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Lines In The Sand CD + BONUS !

After a 7" and demo, Washington, DC's reigning masters of thrashing hardcore have finally hit the studio to record a full-length of no holds barred, old-school hardcore punk, bringing intelligence to straight edge hardcore that is played at lightning speed, channeling the spirits of bands like SSD, Deep Wound and Youth Of Today.

Now available on CD with 16 additional tracks !


1. Under The Streetlights
2. Bullshit Copout
3. Prove You Right
4. New Blood
5. White Island
6. Countdown To Death
7. Your Hold
8. Spit Out
9. Lines In The Sand
10. Slave To Democracy
11. Leave Me Behind
12. No One To Impress
13. Division
14. Patriot
15. Forced To Live
16. Dying For Respect
17. Cycle Of Violence
18. Time Theft (bonus track)
19. Fumigation (bonus track)
20. A Lot To Digest (bonus track)
21. Figured Out (bonus track)
22. Fuck Bar Culture (bonus track)
23. Privileged (bonus track)
24. Because Of The Label (bonus track)
25. My Disgust (demo) (bonus track)
26. Power Junkies (demo) (bonus track)
27. Shut Out (demo) (bonus track)
28. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (demo) (bonus track)
29. Source Of Misery (demo) (bonus track)
30. Sick Of Routine (demo) (bonus track)
31. No Middle Ground (demo) (bonus track)
32. Slow Down (demo) (bonus track)
33. It's Time (demo) (bonus track)

CD - € 13.00

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