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Archaic Modernism EXTREME METAL BOOK
Christophe SZPAJDEL

Belgian metal illustrator Christophe Szpajdel has spent his life in the extreme music underground, back in the day I would run into him at crossover and black metal shows, he was a true pioneer, creating logos for bands like Emperor, etc. 

Christophe 's work is extremely sought after, and it has now gained interest from clients outside the metal scene. By far one of the most prolific but also the furthest reaching artist with now around 10,000 logos completed to date. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are the real sources of inspiration, exploring the abyss of imagination in crafting a logo and at the same time, aesthetically pleasant, attractive and functional. 'Archaic Modernism' takes a journey into the artist visual universe and philosophy, accompanied by the works of Stanislav Krawczyk.

Dimensions 170 x 245cm (6.7 x 9.64 inches)
Gloss Hardback
Sewn Binding
Silk 252 pages
150gm pages
Dust jacket

BOOK - € 39.99

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