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Misled by Certainty CD

Cephalic Carnage returns with the explosive new album "Misled By Certainty," the long-awaited follow-up to their critically-acclaimed "Xenosapien."

"Misled By Certainty" heaps spasms of unpredictability onto their signature grinding death metal madness.

The 50+ minute journey into metal's most extreme realms sees these veterans take it to the edge before pulling it back with "Repangea," perhaps their most sprawling and epic work to date.


1. The Incorrigible Flame
2. Warbots A.M.
3. Abraxas Of Filth
4. Pure Horses
5. Cordyceps Humanis
6. Raped By An Orb
7. P.G.A.D.
8. Dimensional Modulation Transmography
9. Ohrwurm
10. When I Arrive
11. A King And A Thief
12. Power And Force
13. Repangaea
14. Aeyeucgh!

CD - € 14.00

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