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Rats Get Fat CD - Extra Special Deal !! NYHC
Extra Special Deal : Get 2 CIAT stickers and 1 button FREE when you buy this album !!!
The New York hardcore scene has seen many changes since its inception into the punk rock genre over 20 years ago. And throughout these changes, the music and people within the New York hardcore community continued to honor its past by adopting the same punk rock belief system that makes this style of music one of the most unique and loyal underground scenes known to music. By the start of the new millennium this very same belief system appeared to be on its death bed when eyeliner and bleeding hearts replaced black eyes and raised fists as the hardcore scene began to witness the slow death of NYHC as we once knew it. These tragic transformations left many hardcore fans bewildered and consistently asking themselves, is hardcore as we once knew it gone forever?

THIS JUST IN :  New York hardcore will once again rise from its ashes and Queens, N.Y.’s CAUGHT IN A TRAP is responsible for its resurrection. Their debut CD ‘Rats Get Fat’ is saturated with 14 black-n-blue-collared anthems that make it impossible to use hardcore and make-up in the same sentence ever again.
‘Rats Get Fat’ was produced by the legendary Don Fury (Madball, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front) !
Caught in A Trap now features Steve Karp, of NYC's YUPPICIDE and former 100 DEMONS bassplayer !
Tracklisting :
1. Nothing's Free
2. Family
3. Media Mind Control
4. Rats Get Fat
5. Look Inside
6. All Out Of Tomorrows
7. Turn Your Back
8. Our Way
9. Privileged
10. Driven
11. Two Faced
12. Then You Die
13. Summer's Eve
14. Nice Guys Finish Last

CD - € 12.00

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