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Split CD

As you can see this is the debut release on KMT, new things can't start big and need to grow, allthough we were pretty siked about the bands we could achieve to perform on this split cd project. BURNING FIGHT will bring you back the good old days melodic old school stuff in the vein of Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes and Floorpunch, INTRUDER is a more shorter pissed off yell out old school collective that contributed 4 tight tracks in the vein of Minor Threat, Bold, Gorilla Biscuits, Straight Ahead. The third band NINE ELEVEN will bring you a lot of variation combined with a lot of melody, comparable as a mixture of Bane, With Honor and Comeback Kid. One of the top splits to watch out in 2005! So give it a shot and experience underground can be amazing!

MCD - € 4.00

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