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Warpath Cd - New, Special Deal !

Special Deal : FREE Bronson A.D. Stickers !!!

 After two ep’s, it’s time for BRONSON A.D., to put their aggressive mix of thrash and hardcore on a full-length.  Their sound, mainly influenced by 90’s thrashmetal and NYHC, keeps headbangers as well as mosh-kids moving the pit. They produced and recorded their album WARPATH in the DESERT INN STUDIO, where bands like MILKING THE GOATMACHINE and LAY DOWN ROTTEN also produce their records.

WARPATH isn’t only the name of the record, it’s the concept. BRONSON A.D. are pointing out everything that makes their blood boil !

Tracklisting :
01. Harbinger Of Death (Intro)                          1:37
02. After The Impact                                          3:09
03. Horrortrip                                                     3:36
04. Nuclear Generation                                     3:38
05. Eat Shit                                                         2:52
06. Warpath                                                       3:18
07. For The Weak                                               3:24
08. New World Depression                                4:01
09. Culture                                                          4:41
10. Maikäfer Flieg (Outro)                                  2:06
Total Playtime :                                                 32:22

CD - € 12.00

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