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House of The Dying Sun CD

Hungary's finest export, BRIDGE TO SOLACE, return with their ferocious new album "House Of The Dying Sun", that sees the band pick up where they left off with their last album "Where Dreams And Nightmares Unite", taking their unique brand of metal core to new levels of intensity and emotion.

These 10 new songs are like a gunshot to the head, taking no prisoners as BRIDGE TO SOLACE expand and unleash their potent sound of crushing, yet always melodic and memorable songs to a new level that is beyond expectations and are to be sure fire instant hits with their legions of fans all over the world.

With each track on "House Of The Dying Sun", BRIDGE TO SOLACE paint a masterpiece of beauty and melody mixed with cruel ugliness, despair and juxtaposing rhythms that pull you in opposite directions tearing you apart. In a world that is proving to grow uglier and harder to live in with each passing day, these 10 songs give everyone the chance to empathize with the twisted vision of BRIDGE TO SOLACE and share their dark and melancholic side with their hope and expectation of a better world. Machine gun like drums batter and thunder, whilst the guitars weave in out of beautiful, emotional melodic lines into huge bludgeoning riffs that are like a sledgehammer to the face.

Zoli's trademark vocals are as raw as ever, spitting rage and bile at every turn ensuring that the end result is nothing short of pure unbridled devastation. BRIDGE TO SOLACE's trademark sound is on the loose once again and "House Of The Dying Sun" is the result of 5 individuals mixing love and hate in their own sick way.

Beauty in horror has never sounded so good !




CD - € 10.00

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