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Right Here Right Now

BRICKBAT are a belgian hardcoreband from the Turnhout/kempen area. They formed in 2005/2006. To make in-your-face hc-songs with fast uptempo riffs, singalongs, pissed off lyrics, 2-steps, .... that is what they wanted to do. Some people called them 'oldschool', but because their style sounded somewhat heavier (with an occassional break or beatdown) than most oldschool bands and because they like ALL sorts of hardcore, they started calling themselves ALL-SKOOL hardcore. It's like 'old school, but ... with a twist'!

They played their first show in october 2006; the response was good and several shows followed. Now, almost one year later, they have recorded their first mini-cd, "Right here, right now", which is released on Clenched Fist Records.

"When life kicks me down, hardcore's my salvation!" (lyrics taken from the Brickbat-song 'More than ever')

CD - € 9.00

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