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The ILL Testament CD - Now Cheap !

BOXCUTTER's 'The ILL Testament' CD finally dropped and you can NOW get it for JUST 4 euro !
Limited Edition Super-Jewelcase !!!

We are extremely excited to announce to you the release of
BOXCUTTER's 'The ILL Testament' CD on Good Life Recordings !

BOXCUTTER are a group of seasoned hardcore veterans from the East Coast like Mad Joe Black, Richie Krutch and James Ismean who play(ed) in following bands :


Like their previous bestselling album 'Pitbull Ways', 'The ILL Testament' contains an awesome mix of Beatdown Hardcore, Hip Hop, NYHC and Rock and clocks in 
at 39 minutes of pure BFL fury !!


- 3rd CD from this absolute U.S. Cult band !
- All-star line-up of legends in their own time !!!
- Limited Edition first pressing in super-jewelcase
- Recorded by Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, Bloodclot, Spudmonsters)
- Mastered by European Mastering Wizzard Nicolas Declève!


Review of 'The ILL Testament' by David/Asice :

"I really liked the previous Boxcutter release ‘Pitbull Ways’ and I still listen to it regularly, so you can imagine how curious I was when I got my hands on ‘The Ill Testament’. It’s been six years since the last Boxcutter release. That’s a long time, so I wondered what these BFL soldiers have created for us this time around.

The first song might confuse you a little if you were expecting some tough guy hardcore (or ‘thug rock’ as the band calls it). You see, ‘King Of Thugz’ is a rap track. Boxcutter always incorporated hip hop into their music, so it’s not really a surprise. It’s a good track as well. The rest of the track list consists mostly of the typical hardcore you would expect of Boxcutter, but with hip hop influences of course. Let’s say 60% hardcore, 40% hip hop.

During the track ‘Crown Of Righteousness’ you’ll hear the son of vocalist James Ismean, who is featured on this song and goes by the name of J-rock. He’s rapping a couple of variations on well-known rap songs like ‘Momma Said Knock You Out’ by LL Cool J and ‘Sucker MC’s’ by RUN DMC. I think Toby Morse from H2O is likely to feature his son in a track in a couple of years as well. It’s all about family, people!

‘2 Young 2 Die’ is a tribute to James’ friends that passed away. It’s a slow rap track like we’ve heard Boxcutter do before, but the lyrical content is about going to CBGB’s to see the Cro-Mags with your friends. That’s hardcore rap right there. I think it’s cool that Boxcutter is so versatile. The next track is a full blasting hardcore song called ‘History Lesson Pt. 1’, which is probably my favourite track on the album because of the hard-hitting music and lyrics.

Lyrically and musically you won’t find anything new on ‘The Ill Testament’. And to be honest, I was kind of hoping that they wouldn’t have changed a thing. Still I like ‘Pitbull Ways’ more than the new record at this moment. Edward Goodlife promised me that ‘The Ill Testament’ is a record that grows the more you listen to it, so I’ll keep trying. But even if it doesn’t top its predecessor, it’s still a good record. A must-have for fans of thug rock with a touch of hip hop! "



CD - € 4.00

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