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A Season In Hell CD - TROYCORE !

 Born in the 90´s within the infamous Troy / Albany, Upstate NY Hardcore scene, BLOODWAR became one of the leading Troycore outfits besides great names like STIGMATA, WARTIME MANNER, DYING BREED, BURNING HUMAN, etc.  Their split with DYING BREED released by Jamey Jasta (HATERBREED) on his own label STILLBORN Records more than 15 years ago became a real highlight of the classicmetallic Troycore style.

Several years later after a longer hiatus, BLOODWAR return with a new line-up, feat. MERAUDER guitarist Kevin, and a self-produced record titled "A season in hell", marking the next step in the band´s career.  More mature but still unforgiving and in your face, this record is a pleasure for everybody into metallic East Coast Hardcore, the classic way !

"As a whole this band has lost way too many friends and family to drugs... this video is graphic but so is the subject matter of the song.  The video was done by Tos Videos and was done knowing what the song was about and this is their impression.  RIP Justin M-Dave S-Mike G-Colin L. REST IN POWER BROTHERS!!! - BLOODWAR."   

CD - € 12.00

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