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Die Or Drown CD

Formed from the ashes of several local bands in 2005, BloodTrial began life as an aggressive in-your-face hardcore band influenced by the likes of Throwdown, Hatebreed and Terror that has evolved over the past 5 years to embrace heavy music in all it's entirety and has now become a visceral force to be reckoned with. The hardcore foundation is still very much intact and still plays a big part within the scope of the BloodTrial sound, but other musical styles seep through that showcase the band's open mindedness, diversity and love for all things heavy.

After some line-up changes, BloodTrial settled into a solid formidable unit that has consistently been trashing stages and crushing audiences, converting kids to their own brand of devastating hardcore wherever they went. With support spots for bands such as Madball, Born From Pain, Full Blown Chaos, First Blood, Liar and Death Before Dishonor to name but a few, BloodTrial are a band equally at home in a sweatbox playing to a horde of sweaty dedicated hardcore kids moshing it up and stagediving or on big stages with the scene's elite.

But do not be fooled by the pure aggression and bludgeoning intensity BloodTrial's music spews forth, as this band have something to say and take a collective stand as one with their critical viewpoint on the world's current events. Politically aware and proud to discuss the rights and wrongs of a world gone wrong and growing in despair as each day passes, BloodTrial find themselves as a lone voice still confronting the issues that affect one and all, when many bands have seemed to neglect what matters.

BloodTrial provide a critical viewpoint on a society rife with parasites sucking the blood out of it, but keep a "rock n roll" attitude in the process !

'Die Or Drown' showcases 6 brand new throat-cutting songs of bludgeoning hardcore fusing old and new influences and everything in between whilst still providing a critical viewpoint on a society rife with parasites sucking blood out of it.

Tracklisting :


CD - € 9.00

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