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Burn Babylon Burn ! CD

Brutal Hardcore/Metal featuring:

John Joseph (Cro-Mags)
Danny Schuler/Scott Roberts (Biohazard)
Rick Lopez (Merauder) and
Eric Klinger (Spudmonsters/Pro-Pain).

BLOODCLOT!'s sound combines classic New York hardcore intensity with extreme metal precision and brutality.

It's the sound of the New York underground rising again. The members of BLOODCLOT! are no strangers to the genre. Singer John Joseph is the former frontman of legendary NYHC pioneers Cro-Mags. Drummer Danny Schuler was a founding member of Brooklyn's Biohazard. Bassist Rick Lopez comes from NYC's Merauder, Guitarist Scott Roberts is a former member of Cro-Mags, Biohazard and Cleveland HC legends The Spudmonsters, and Guitarist Eric Klinger is from Pro-Pain and The Spudmonsters.

Despite a hardcore lineage, the band's songs break out of any and all genre confines. They blend slick metallic riffs with hardcore hooks, while steam rolling rhythms spearhead the assault.

Their self-produced debut, Burn Babylon Burn! is bound to set a new hardcore standard.

CD - € 13.00

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