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Fresh Start CD

Blood of the Martyr formed in the fall of 2002 by 4 youths wanting nothing more than to spread the message of Christ's love to anyone and everyone. January of 2003 kicked off their first show, and an unmapped journey.

Where BOTM would end up, when they would end, what they would accomplish... questions that never once crossed a single one of their minds because at no point was their journey about the finished product, but about becoming something that would continue to grow despite any stone walls they come across. Aside from a message of love and acceptance, the message of straight edge poured from their lips, as well as a pro-life standpoint, strength in friendships and relationships, and an over-all message of positive outlook.

Despite a world of troubles, founding member Aaron Martyr has continued to rebuild from the bottom to the top numerous times, with one simple thing in mind... There's a message that needs to get out there, and until it reaches all that it could possibly reach, this band's work is not complete.

Bringin' it back from the bottom earned the band the nickname "tha BOTM Boyz". There is truth in the statement "everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives" Aaron tries to apply this to his life as well as the band's and knows that just because there are hard times, it doesn't mean that a great thing must be put to rest. Through determination and faith, the band will remain alive until certain that the message will live on in the hearts of every ear that hears

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CD - € 12.00

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