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Music » Blood for blood » Spit My Last Breath CD - RARE ORIGINAL PRESS !

Spit My Last Breath CD - RARE ORIGINAL PRESS !

Since their inception, Blood For Blood has been breaking bottles, smashing tables and brawling their way through any barrier that society has managed to build in their path by spreading their anti-societal messages across the country and around the world.

In a scene currently lacking in old-fashioned angry hardcore, Blood For Blood stands where legends Sheer Terror, Madball and Killing Time once reigned.

Here on "Spit My Last Breath", Blood For Blood lay the groundwork for what would be an unparalleled legacy in hardcore.

Rare first pressing on LOST DISCIPLE RECORDS !!!


1. Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams
2. Maldito
3. Can't Heal
4. Soulless
5. Fade
6. Spit My Last Breath
7. Jaded
8. Waiting For The Moment
9. Redemption Denied

CD - € 14.00

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