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Costa Rican outfit Billy The Kid chose the language and culture of the imperialistic master to claim a stake in this rock called Earth.   Like water, American culture has now seeped into every corner of the world.  Instead of choosing a name like Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapatta to bring their cause forward, they decided on a mythical cowboy from the far West; a symbol of an earlier stage of this empire, when it was merely a glimpse of nothing. A killing machine that disregarded humanity, and made famous and respected not for its ideas, but for its tradition of killing. Unlike other folk heroes, Billy The Kid did not fight for any particular social causes nor against injustice, unlike the above-mentioned Villa or Zapatta. This is an excellent example of how imperialism has establishing itself everywhere and by any means possible. Walmarts, Esso gas stations, Coke machines, CNN, MTV, Hardcore, and Straight Edge, all available in every corner of the world. By now, a carpet has been laid over the old cultures, and a new, international, young urban American culture flourishing like weeds in the most remote of places. A giant wave that is taking over the world. We have a hard time understanding the past precisely because it is gone, having been erased or destroyed by the omnipotent culture that now reigns over us.
When the Spaniards came to South America, they brought with them all the treasure they had to offer, knowledge they had gathered, their connection to the universe, and the proximity to their Gods. Instead of celebrating their knowledge and evolving through learning however, they chose to burn their codex, with the past and the answers we seek having gone up in smoke. Today we similarly choose to burn our own codex, forgetting our identities and striving to claim new ones. It is important to acknowledge the reasons why some nations reject the promise of transplanting a new culture onto theirs. We may see countries like these as dramatic or exaggerated, but ultimately what is at stake is the cultural future of each nation. The individuality that makes this world unique from one person to another. We in Quebec do the same, in that we speak a different language by looking up to urban American culture in the form of Hardcore or Rap. We are then brought together by the vibrations that make our music and our newfound culture.
The message is the medium. We are now truly in a global village to use loosely McLuhan's terms. We are brought together by a common voice. Each individual from a diverse background has their own opinions, whether political, economical, or cultural. What is more important than what bands are saying is what they are performing. They are playing hardcore music, which is synonymous with struggle, pain, and suffering. Before this U.S. empire blanketed the world, there was another, during which people spoke the language of that empire, and adopted the culture that came along with it. As the impassioned and talented Billy The Kid are living proof, our culture and language have become Hardcore in their own right, thus more and more are adhering to it and making it their primary voice.

Possible Diagnosis:

Imitation can be often spotted quite easily, and in the past (and still today) one can discern what is imitation and what is real.
"Jonestown" is as real as the blood and flesh of every member of Billy The Kid. You can shuffle the album in with other classic titles of American Hardcore, and you wouldn't be able to tell or know who comes from where. This album comes out on top of many of its counterparts.  Billy The Kid and their sophomore full-length "Jonestown" represent a style and sense of urban struggle with the same authenticity of other top bands in their respective cities. Whether it be L.A.'s Terror and its new record "Keepers Of The Faith," San Francisco's First Blood and their latest "Silence Is Betrayal," or NYC's Madball and the just-released "Empire," Billy The Kid can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. The experience offered by "Jonestown" is more broad in its overall musical style with Hip-Hop and Dub interludes peppered throughout the album, but the album's core remains hard as nails, and I find myself listening to this album with more regularity than the previously-mentioned royalty of today's hardcore scene."

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