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EYES LP - Color Vinyl - NEW !

 "Eyes", the band's full-length debut, picks up right where Awake The Mutes left off with their previously released EP "Snowblind". Taking inspiration from the Nu Metal music scene of their youth - the groovy, rhythmic KoRn-inspired riffs, the atmospheric and shoegazy sounds of the Deftones and the precision of bands like Static-X - as well as their own love for American Rap and Hip-Hop, "Eyes" delivers the band's most diverse and adventurous sound to date, without ever losing any focus. The over 30 minutes of angry modern Metalcore offers everything from blastbeats to clean vocals, from hissing, nagging, spitting and whispering to deep growls and powerful screams, from hard-hitting (sometimes) syncopated breakdowns to psychadelic guitars and warm synth-layers.

Thematically the album deals with the complexity of interpersonal human relationships. With guilt, repentance, anger and coping. With control and stalking, empowerment and setting boundaries. With the power struggle and the interdependence of toxic relationships. The fictious story between two opposite protagonists is being told alternating between the album's tracks and flows into a finale of desperation and despair, the feeling of helplessness and the willingness to do everything to (re-)gain control, even if it means losing one's humanity. Responsable for the album's sound is Emil Cezanne of nighttime productions, who was also responsable for the band's previous five releases, as well as fellow Bastardized Recordings band Rising Anger's latest album, tying everything together in a cohesive transparent and powerful mix that allows every instrument, every lyric to shine without any compromise to heavyness. "Eyes" was mastered by Brad Boatright, owner of Audiosiege Studios, who's also responsable for the uncompromising works of bands like Nails and Converge.

The nightmarish artwork was painted by Alexander Engel (mydogscallmealex) !

Magenta Colored Vinyl, Limited to only 100 Made !!!


LP - € 16.00

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