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In A Heartbeat CD

 From the Label : 

"In the year of Our Lord 2005,(ex)-members of PERSONAL VENDETTA and

FULL COURT PRESS decided to start writing skull breaking music under the
name “ASHEMA”. From day one things went faster then a speeding bullet. Shortly
after forming the band, ASHEMA did a 5 song recording session at Dé Studio
(Brussels) from which they put an mp3 online. Despite the fact that the only things
they could offer a show promoter were that mp3, their balls and their word (no
demos or CDs were recorded yet), they got to play 2 headlining shows in Germany,
followed by many stage-wrecking performances all over Belgium and Holland. Due
to those months of very hard work and equally energetic shows, word got out and
ASHEMA gained lots of respect within the scene, which finally resulted in a record
deal with Genet Records at the end of this sacred year.
In 2006, reduced from a 5-piece to a combo (due to personal and medical reasons),
ASHEMA is set to come and destroy your local venue, leaving the dance floor like
a war zone with their mean and mental metalcore mosh tunes!!!" 

CD - € 8.00

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