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The Porch Days : 1998 - 2000 Lp
THE PORCH DAYS : 1998-2000 is a collection of material from the definitive "As Friends Rust" era. More commonly referred to as the 'Coffee Black' era, this lineup, while not the most productive in terms of output, best captured the band's distinct narrative, and really cemented their brand of melodic hardcore punk. 
The release rounds up all of this classic lineup's gems, from "Home is Where The Heart Aches" and "The First Song on the Tape You Make Her" to the eponymous 6-Song EP including "Coffee Black" and "Like Strings" and additionally features the band's cover of Circle Jerk's "Operation" plus live recordings of two songs that were never recorded or released, for a total of 10 from the rusty 5 ! 
From the band :
"There's a story told in this collection, and it's not just in the songs and lyrics.  It's in the intangible; in the raw and hasty production, in the urgent live execution,  in the clashing of personalities, tastes and writing styles, and in the overall feeling of not being able to rely on anyone but each other and ourselves.  Like a pack of feral dogs, this lineup raised each other. We laughed, fought, destroyed and barely ate. But we did all of that together. Welcome to the porch."
FOR FANS OF Morning Again, Gorilla Biscuits and Shai Hulud.
Tracklist :
01 Home Is Where The Heart Aches
02 First Song On The Tape You Made Her
03 Half Friend Town
04 Like Strings (Spell It With A K)
05 Fire On 8th And 3rd
06 Coffee Black
07 Scapegoat Wets The Whistle
08 Operation (Circle Jerks Cover)
09 Untitled (Live at Ieperfest, Belgium, August 20th, 1999)
10 Tuesday Clad (Live In Long Island, NY, June 26, 2000)

Lp comes with downloadcode !

LP - € 14.00

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