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Into The Killing Fields CD - NEW !

Brandnew ALL OUT WAR Album :

Inspired by late ‘80s 'crossover' bands such as CRO-MAGS, S.O.D., and SLAYER, ALL OUT WAR rose out of the East Coast hardcore scene and trampled the world with its blend of scathing thrash metal and devastating hardcore.

'Into The Killing Fields' features original members from the legendary 'For Those Who Were Crucified' record, as well as the addition of drummer Lou Medina from the prominent New York hardcore band Breakdown.

Into The Killing Fields reaffirms their brand of breakneck speed metal riffs, hard-as-hell blast beats and floor clearing, pit-inducing breakdowns !

New from Victory Records.


1. Defiance Through Fear
2. Mercy Killer
3. Apathetic Genocide
4. Fear Those Who Claim Divinity
5. From Manipulation To Martyr
6. Into The Killing Fields
7. An Angel Among Demons
8. The Murders Among Us
9. Still Crucified

CD - € 14.00

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