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Santa Muerte 7inch ffo MERAUDER !!!

 AKANI was founded in 2011 by a group of hard working musicians who crossed paths through countless touring around the world.   Anders Bjorler (At The Gates) and drum tech Anders Lowgren (Dead Reprise) were driving home from a gig with The Haunted at Wacken Open Air when the idea to start a hardcore band came up.  

They were listening to former tourmates Merauder in the van back home to Sweden and decided to get in touch with vocalist and Brooklyn legend Jorge Rosado.  He was excited to join, in fact, Merauder and At The Gates already played a show together in Poland back in 1995.   Friend and colleague Victor Brandt (Entombed) joined to play bass and shortly after, riffs and song ideas flew through cyberspace.  Daniel Antonsson (ex Soilwork, ex Dark Tranquillity) recently joined AKANI on 2nd guitar.

7" Comes with FREE Sticker !

7 INCH - € 6.00

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