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Pain & Suffering Cd - New !

 Six years since calling it quits, North Carolina's ADVENT have returned and are as fierce as ever.   Originally rising from the ashes of Beloved, Advent churn out brutally heavy, metal-infused hardcore. 

'Pain & Suffering' is their first recorded output since 2009's 'Naked & Cold' (Solid State Records) and proves that Advent are back and more focused than ever.

U.S. Import, new from Brigde Nine Records

1.     Wind From The Valley
2.     Weight Of The World
3.     Shadow Of Death
4.     BrickXBrick
Lyrics + Video : 

Fighting to save our traditions.
Pointless endeavors and missions
Talk is all I hear.
Empty words.
From the heart to your mouth.
Impotent vision.
Throwing stones from cathedrals.
Empty pews.
Dead institutions.
Paying the fee
10 percent
Country Club
Now you’re in.
Bankrupt Religion.
We do the same thing, every night, every day.
Nothing has changed, nothing has changed, NOTHING!!
"A time will come, when silence is betrayal”. - MLK
A time will come, when our voices will not be heard.
The years that we've chosen to say nothing, they’ll return.
The guilt, the shame, the pain and the anger.
So, we break these chains.
Of religion, of useless tradition.
Moved to action – so we break these chains.
Of a system that has coaxed us to sleep.
Don't need religion – so we break these chains.
Religion has never set men free
Religious guilt dies with me
Weight of the world!!!
Chains falling down.
Weight of the world.
I won't be buried in Chains.
I’m free from the shame
Religious guilt dies with me
Religious guilt dies…...
Judge. Jury. Execute.?


CD - € 9.99

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