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Friendship Loyalty Commitment LP

Rick Ta Life and crew are back with a fifteen song album for all positive hardcore fans ! This album features a WARZONE cover song "As One", and special appearances by JAMIE HATEBREED and Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma of AGNOSTIC FRONT fame.

Please note that most of these sleeves will come with minor damage from being stuck together over time


1. Let The Past Be The Past
2. Pain Is Temporary
3. Hardcore Rules
4. Backfire
5. Positive Hardcore, Go!
6. Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment
7. The Next Level
8. Bullet For Every Enemy
9. Over The Years
10. Refocus
11. Wise To Da Game
12. Da Low Down
13. Short Fuse
14. As One
15. Smakin You Up

LP - € 9.00

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