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The already FAMOUS Design from the infamous Compilation !!!

"2011 brings a new wave of Beatdown Hardcore bands, from the U.S. to Russia, from Japan to Europe, that is becoming increasingly strong in Hardcore, and we managed to showcase them on our new BEATDOWN BASTERDS compilation ! 

Nothing but UNRELEASED songs by already established bands like NASTY, SIX FT DITCH, ENEMY GROUND,  and EXTINGUISH THE FIRE, mingled with rising talents like NO SECOND CHANCE, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, DANFORTH  and many more ! "

ALL Exclusive Material !   Album mastered by Nicolas Declève !!
1. Six Ft Ditch – Ready For Combat  
2. Nasty – Look at Me and Fuck You  
3. Danforth – Representz   
4. Enemy Ground – In  Memory Of Them All  
5. Enemy Ground – Claustrophobia  
6. Extinguish The Fire – Dannie Brasco   
7. Extinguish The Fire – Lord of Calite  
8. King Of Clubz - Society's Prey  
9. King Of Clubz – Timebomb   
10. Chainsaw Bloody Strike –  Rock  
11. Rise Of the Northstar - Protect Ya Chest  
12. No Second Chance – Standing Strong, Living Through  
13. No Second Chance – Greed   
14. Providence – Vengeance Over Victory  
15. Slam Coke – Fick Die Bude Kaputt  
16. Dirty Fingers – Black Land Crew
17. Bogmonsta (pre – Six Ft Ditch) – Intro...98% Fake  

Hooded Sweater - € 30.00

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